Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install window shutters?
No, we can however make small repairs to existing window shutters.

What is the difference between Roller and Sectional doors?
When raised, a roller door 'rolls up' around itself, while a sectional door retracts along tracks and lays flat across the ceiling.

What is the difference between roller doors and roller shutters?
Roller doors are a one piece 'curtain', while shutters contain 'slats' which can be removed individually

How much will it cost me?
Price varies between installations, there are many factors that can affect the final cost of your project, including; the over all size of the doors, motors and remotes as well as any specialised equipment that may be needed for large or difficult installations. Please contact us for an obligation free quote.

How do I get a quote?
Phone us during business hours and leave your contact details with reception. A sales representative will then contact you to discuss your project and arrange a time to inspect the premises (if necessary). You will then be sent a quote detailing the work to be carried out as well as the total installation price.

I have received my quote, now what?
Once you have received your written quote, all you need to do is accept the quote in writing. This can be done easily by signing the last page of the quote and emailing or faxing it back to us, giving us approval to go ahead (please make sure to reference the quote number and your name in your email).

How long will it take for my doors to be installed?
This depends on the type of door you are ordering. This can be discussed when you have been quoted

How do I make payment?
A 50% deposit is required on acceptance of your quote, with the remainder due on completion of the job. Payment can be made in cash, cheque or bank transfer, your payment options can be discussed when you are ready to accept your quote.

Do you accept EFTPOS or credit Card payments?
No, we do not have credit card or EFTPOS facilities. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

I have a very large project, can you help
Please contact us during business hours to discuss your project.

Do you do repairs?
Yes, we can carry out repairs to many different kinds of doors, please phone us to discuss. We have a 24 hour service for emergency repairs.

What if you cannot repair my door?
If your door has been damaged beyond repair or is simply too old, we can provide you with temporary measures to secure your property, where possible. We can supply you with a quote for the installation of replacement parts or a complete new door.